Betcha Can2 Tangle!

Betcha Can 2 Tangle! will reignite your sense of fun and enjoyment while "doing" art. You’ll find yourself reconnected to art and to experiencing art as a fun activity that includes you as the artist!

As a seasoned Expressive Arts facilitator, Elizabeth Benham CZT® is well-equipped to help you discover your hidden creative treasures. She chooses to use the Zentangle® Method to guide you back to experiencing art-as-fun because the Zentangle process is such an easy, engaging, confidence-building, accessible way to begin.

As a registered nurse and expressive arts advocate, Elizabeth knows making room for art-making in your life can have many valuable benefits – it can help with relaxation, strengthen your creative juices, make you laugh, and help you find balance for your  physical and emotional health.

Art creation can also be a great way to ease the daily stress of multitasking and too much screen time that has become a constant in our lives. Betcha Can2 Tangle! offers space and time to clear your mind in an enjoyable, small group atmosphere that is good for people of any age. You'll learn a process whose tools are small enough to fit in your pocket and whose practice can be done pretty much anywhere with ease (doctors’ and other waiting rooms become a good thing!).

 Betcha Can2 Tangle! offers,“Tanglers,” (as many Zentangle enthusiasts call themselves) regularly scheduled opportunities to practice "tangling” within a group because doing so creates a rich, supportive community, and because people often increase the delight and joy in their own and others lives through structured group practice.

Betcha Can2 Tangle! will offer Group Tangling in a variety of ways: as a Mindfulness Meditation practice meeting, as a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly group meeting whose pre-scheduled time helps you reserve space and time for your Zentangle practice (similar to how a yoga class helps a person maintain their practice), as "Show & Tell" meetings where group members can share their discoveries and assist each other with how-to's, and as informal tangling-bees for socializing and tangling donation projects for special causes.

The Happy Owner & Operator of Betcha Can2 Tangle!

Elizabeth Benham CZT is the happy owner and operator of Betcha Can2 Tangle! Those 3 letters beside her name mean she is a Certified Zentangle Trainer,® which means she has been trained and Certified to teach the Zentangle Method by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, the creators of the Zentangle art form and method.

Elizabeth Benham CZT also holds a Masters in Expressive Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, but none in web design. For web design, Elizabeth thanks her generous friend and web-designer, Chris  Masterman. Click here! to contact Chris Masterman for your web's design. (Any oddities you find on these pages, though, would be the direct result of Elizabeth trying to "tweak" something she probably should not have, and are not the reflection of Chris's expertise.)