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Classes and Workshops

The Betcha Can2 Tangle! Zentangle Brand-New-Beginner Class is a two and a half hour class. The class briefly covers the origins of Zentangle, information regarding the art materials used, and best of all, provides hands-on experience creating tangles. Materials are included in class tuition.

Subsequent class lengths vary depending upon topic, course format, and class size. Materials may be purchased from Betcha Can2 Tangle's CZTs before, during, after, or in-between classes!

Brand-New-Beginner Classes are held every 2nd & 3rd Saturday of the month. Click here! to reserve your space.

Back For More! is a follow-up class to the Brand-New-Beginner Classes. These are held the 4th Saturday of the month. Interested? Click here! to register. 

Three In a Row is a series of classes, starting with a Beginner Class, followed by instruction on creating 4-6 more new tangles in each subsequent class. This series is held on the same weekday evening for three consecutive weeks &/or on three consecutive Sunday afternoons. Interested? Click here! to save your spot! 

Betcha Can2 Tangle also offers Half-Day, Day-Long and Weekend Workshops for Beginners and Intermediate Tanglers who prefer learning in longer blocks of concentrated time, or who would like to schedule a special event, or a Tangler's Retreat. 

Betcha Can2 Tangle will be scheduling a weekly or bi-weekly Betcha Can2 Tangle Mindfulness Practice Through Tangling  class in the near future. If you have interest in this class, Click here! Please include days and times you prefer.

Scheduled Classes & Workshops

Next Beginner Class: 

Saturday, January 11, 2014 1-3:30 PM

If none of our listed times &/or dates of scheduled classes work for you, please Click here! and let us know times and days of the week that will work for you.  

All Classes and Workshops given by Betcha Can2 Tangle are taught by Certified Zentangle Trainers®. *CZTs are trained and certified by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, creators of the Zentangle Method. To learn more go to their official Zentagnle site,  

Or Start & Keep Tangling In Any of These Ways!

One On One

Tailor-made private lessons for the student who, ‘Just can’t wait to get started!,’ has a Betcha Can2 Tangle Private Lesson Gift Certificate, or who simply prefers receiving lessons individually. Interested? Click here!

Date Night, Sibs, & BFFs

Tangles For Two are private Lessons for people looking for a fun, relaxing activity to enjoy together as a twosome. Interested? Click here!

Parties and Events

Betcha Can2 Tangle is available for formal and informal gatherings, teaching 7-year olds on up to centenarians.

If your guests can wield a pen with ease, they can learn to tangle at your next Holiday, Birthday, Bachelorette, and Anniversary Parties, Baby and Wedding Showers, and any other Celebration of Life events you might have in mind! Interested? Click here!

Betcha Can2 Tangle is also available to offer a Tangle At Home Party in your home (or other location reserved by you). Tangle At Home Parties can be held for "Girls Night Out," "Moms &/or Dads Night Out," Brunches, Family Time, Reunions, Artists, & Crafters Gatherings, etc.. Tangle At Home Parties are fun adventures that can make great memories! Interested? Click here!

(Bonus: Zentangle gift and free tuition for the host or hostess of a Tangle At Home Party of 7 or more participants!)

Business and Organizational Events

Businesses  and other organizations can greatly benefit from the Team-Building effects that can occur when a group learns how to tangle together. Betcha Can2 Tangle uses specific activities to further enhance those effects. These facilitated experiences can also be scheduled as full-length or mini-workshops at your next Corporate Retreat &/or Professional Conference. Interested? Click here!

Betcha Can2 Tangle! Classes are also a great way to say, "Thank You" to your employees and volunteer staff!  

Mindfulness, Self-Compassion & CEUs

Workshops focusing on the use of Zentangle as Mindfulness and Self-Compassion practices are available as free-standing classes, or adjuncts of programs and retreats offered by Meditation Centers and Meditation Groups. Interested? Click here!

Upon request, Betcha Can2 Tangle Workshops can be given as part of  Nursing Conferences and CEU Seminars whose focus is health promotion through relaxation, mindfulness and self-compassion practices. Interested? Click here!

Health, Wellness & Support

Holistic Health and other Wellness organizations are welcome to arrange Betcha Can2 Tangle Classes to be held on their premises for their patients (&/or staff).

Some people experiencing chronic pain have reported decreased pain levels since beginning to tangle consistently. Other users report decreased anxiety, increased relaxation, improved mood, improved ability to sleep, and increased ability to focus as a result of tangling. Interested? Click here! 

Betcha Can2 Tangle's Zentangle Classes can be added to Care Giver Training and Support Groups, Smoking Cessation, Anxiety Reduction, CBT, Addictions and Weight Loss Programs to provide attendees with additional coping tools whose use can increase self-confidence, improve responses to stress, and lead to healthy behavior changes. Interested? Click here!

Residents of Assisted Living and Nursing Homes may find Zentangle Classes bring social, and cognitive benefits, as well as increased joie de vivre! Interested? Click here!

Children & Their Villagers

Schools, After-School and other Child-Centered Programs, whose missions include the desire to facilitate children’s Self-Confidence, Healthy Relaxation; Increase Attention Span, Eye-Hand Coordination, Ease with Handwriting Skills; Improve Impulse Control and Develop Healthy Coping Skills, will find the Zentangle process can be both fun and insidiously helpful to children in attaining these goals. 

Betcha Can2 Tangle! can offer spot programs for your programming needs, and can even become a permanent offering of your on-going program. Interested? Click here!

Betcha Can2 Tangle Classes can also be valuable to Parents, Teachers, School Nurses and Counselors in facilitating children's healthy development (and in re-charging their own batteries, as well!). Interested? Click here!


Betcha Can2 Tangle can offer Zentangle Classes as a fun, novel fund-raising activity for non-profit organizations and charitable causes. Interested? Click here!



  Certified Zen Tangle Trainer

Certified Zen Tangle Trainer