The Zentangle® art form is…

♦ A Fun, Creative method of pattern-making, using only a pencil, a black ink pen, a small piece of paper, Dots, Circles, Lines, S’shapes, and other Curves.

♦ That means it requires no artistic or other special talents or prior training. Many of the patterns are ones we’ve seen in nature, on buildings, furniture, and fabrics throughout our lives.

♦ It also means it is portable and inexpensive.

♦ By using the specific Zentangle sequencing of familiar strokes, simple and intricate patterns seem to emerge all on their own.

♦ This pattern-making method was created to trigger a Meditative state of “Relaxed Focus” and a Creative state of “Flow,” and can be used by almost anyone, at any age above 6 or 7.

♦ It almost always inadvertently results in the creation of a beautiful piece of art. Most people are surprised at what they are able to create.

The Zentangle experience is a 15-minute round-trip journey that can delight, amaze and rejuvenate you!


Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts are the warm-hearted, ingenious creators of the Zentangle Method. To learn more about them and the Zentangle Method's past & present, go to